COFFee Enhanced

We are UK’s largest supplier of Custom Coffee Stencils. We offer fully customised, cost effective, custom coffee stencils  for small and large organisations alike, whether its 2 or 40,000 dusters.

Our in-house design team, we will bring your brand, logo, design or idea alive in coffee art.

Metal Coffee Stencils

These can take the punishment of the busiest environments.

Available in matt or polishes stainless steel.

MylaR Coffee Stencils

Low cost coffee stencils that can be produced quickly.

Made from food grade mylar, reusable and dishwasher safe.

Cafes and Restaurants

Enhance your customer experience

with bespoke coffee stencils with

your logo cut into them. 

We have a full design department that can take your Logo, Image, File or idea and convert it into a coffee stencil that will have impact.

They understand what works 


Extend your brand experience 

at your locations and events.

Reinforce your logo presentation.

Use our coffee stencils to brand your Event, Conference or Exhibition presence.

Put your brand or message in the hands of your customers, employees or attendees


Enhance the sales experience

with branded coffee.

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